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WHAT IS 7/10?

7/10, celebrated on July 10th, is a cannabis concentrate holiday. When flipped upside down, '710' spells 'OIL,' symbolizing the rising popularity of cannabis concentrates and oils. On this day, enthusiasts celebrate and promote various cannabis extracts and oils.

Whether you’re a cannabis insider or on the outside looking in, you likely know what 420 means. A universal term that signals cannabis or a cannabis-friendly space that has expanded into its own holiday, 4/20. But if you’re looking for another reason to celebrate our favorite plant, now there’s a new soiree in town—7/10. 

Sometimes referred to as Dab Day, this newly anointed holiday is for the cannabis concentrate lovers. Read on to learn more about this celebration and how it all started. 

What is 7/10?

Simply put, 7/10 (or 710) is considered a cannabis-friendly holiday focusing on the consumption of cannabis oil products, extracts, dabs, or concentrates. This can cover all kinds of cannabis products like live rosin, wax, shatter, and beyond. If it can be vaped or dabbed, it’s getting celebrated on this fine day. 

As for the date and the name, 710 rotated upside down spells OIL, the umbrella term used to describe those highly potent cannabis extracts. Thus, the holiday occurs on July 10th of each year—7/10, written numerically. Creative, right? 

What is the difference between 4/20 and 7/10?

Two holidays focused on cannabis might seem excessive to the everyday onlooker, but these two dates actually have some key differences, making them well-deserving of two separate days. 

Observed on April 20th of each year. 4/20 is more of a general cannabis culture celebration. It covers flower, concentrates, edibles, and anything in between. Everyone has their own way of honoring this day ranging from cannabis-infused dinners to 420-friendly concerts. All in all, it’s a time to embrace your fellow stoner and just have a good old-fashioned good time. 

While having a lit time is certainly part of the fun on 7/10, this holiday specifically focuses on cannabis oil, concentrates, extracts and dabs. This sector of the cannabis industry has a very niche and incredibly passionate following that turn out in droves to support this more specific holiday. 

How did 7/10 get started?

Like many things in the cannabis world, the exact origin of 710 is murky, even though it has been ten years since the term first appeared. According to online sources, 710 made its online debut on Urban Dictionary in 2010 but didn’t become associated with cannabis or hash oil until 2011. 

Some credit TaskRok of Highly Educated with coining the iconic term. In an interview with Leaf Online, he claims he thought up the term while messaging with industry peers from Healthstone and Beehive Oil Clothing. TaskRok also released a hip-hop album called “The Movement” under his group name Task & Linus on July 10, 2011, where the group made several references to dabbing and cannabis concentrates, including a song aptly named “7:10.” However, TaskRok himself doesn't claim ownership of creating the word, saying that it simply “belongs to the community now.”

No matter how or why this phenomenon started, 710 began to gain momentum when a group of passionate individuals aimed to push concentrate consumption into the mainstream cannabis market. Once LA Weekly got ahold of the term and ran a brief article titled “710 is the new 420” in July 2013, the rest is history. 

'That same year also gave birth to the cannabis community's first official 7/10 celebration, The 710 Cup. Fun fact: While this event was deemed the first 710 gathering, it didn't actually take place on 7/10 because it fell on a Wednesday. Instead, it occurred on the following weekend so that partygoers could enjoy their cannabis oil unfettered by responsibilities. And who really cares about dates, right? It’s the thought that counts. 

Party on. 

If you’re a concentrate connoisseur, you’ll want to stock up on your favorite products (or try something new) at JARS before the holidays. Keep your eyes peeled for deals, discounts, and more as the big day approaches.