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Jars Rail Ram

In collaboration with two high-profile industry heroes, Ross Rebagliati and Rick Wershe Jr., (aka “White Boy Rick”), JARS Cannabis invited Michigan skiers and snowboarders to strap on their boots and gear up to hit the rails during its first annual JARS Rail Jam competition on Saturday, February 26, 2022. Hosting 400+ event attendees, this outdoor event was open with free admission to all participants and spectators aged 18 years and older and boasted a 90-foot course with three unique metal rail features for 20+ ski and snowboard participants to twist, turn, mount, and slide on while competing for the first-place prize of $1000.

“JARS Cannabis is all about creating experiential moments and events that touch upon consumer passion points,” says JARS Cannabis Marketing Director, Stefanie Michels, who is a former sports marketing specialist from Red Bull.

“Cannabis and snowboarding have always been linked. They were both born from the counterculture, and today, both have gone mainstream. That’s what our JARS Rail Jam is about – celebrating cultural progress and human achievement.”

When snowboarding debuted on the Olympic stage in 1998, it was rocked with controversy when the first gold medalist in the sport, Ross Rebagliati, tested positive for cannabis. Although he ultimately able to keep his medal, Rebagliati suffered becoming the bud of late-night talk show jokes, earned a front row seat on the international no-fly list, and lost lucrative opportunities to secure corporate sponsorships.

“While I’m a victim of the failed war on drugs, I’m no longer the outlaw on the mountain. I’m finally reclaiming my sports and cannabis legacy,” explains Olympic snowboarder guest judge and outspoken cannabis advocate, Ross Rebagliati. “I really applaud JARS for being one of the first cannabis companies to openly embrace the relationship between sports and cannabis. Far from being a “performance enhancer” in the traditional sense of the phrase, cannabis helps athletes with performance anxiety, muscle recovery, and focus, among other things. It’s beautiful to see companies like JARS acknowledge that. Together, we’re slowly changing the course of history.”

Hired to work as an informant for the FBI and uncovering the largest police corruption scandal in Detroit history at just 15 years old, Rick Wershe Jr., (aka “White Boy Rick”), has become known as the longest-serving nonviolent juvenile offender in Michigan history after serving over 32 years for nonviolent drug offenses allegedly committed while he was a minor. Co-sponsored by the official cannabis brand of Rick Wershe Jr., (aka “White Boy Rick”), “The 8th,” JARS Cannabis welcomed Mr. Wershe at the JARS Rail Jam as an event spectator, industry hero, and official spokesperson for his brand. 

“I want to thank JARS for inviting Ross and I, two victims of the war on drugs, to be a part of this incredible event,” says Mr. Wershe. “Neither of us could have imagined 20 years ago that we would be honored at an event celebrating legal cannabis, out in the open. I’m hopeful that this first-of-its-kind event will serve as a precedent for future celebrations centered around cannabis to come.”

In addition to enjoying the day’s competition, customers 21+ years of age with valid ID had the opportunity to purchase products inside the adjacent JARS Owosso retail store as well as consume within Michigan’s first private and licensed cannabis “consumption lounge on wheels,” CannaBus Detroit.

Giveaways and promotions were offered during the first annual JARS Rail Jam in-store at JARS Owosso by brand sponsors including Hyman, Covert Cups, Chill Medicated, Rove, Element Extractions, True North Collective, Select, The 8th by White Boy Rick, and CYP . In collaboration with Olympic gold medalist snowboarder, Ross Rebagliati, JARS Cannabis is proud to announce that it donated metal course rails along with a cash donation to Owosso’s local skate park, Grove Holman Park, following the event.




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